About us and our mission

The mission of the Humane Society of the Dunes is dedicated to the rescue of abused, abandoned, sick and injured animals, as well as their rehabilitation. We also help reduce the number of animals by spaying/neutering. Lastly, we strive to build relationships between people and animals in a healthy environment in the community. Our ultimate goal is to make sure every animal receives a happy and healthy home for the rest of their life.

Since 1995, our organization has rescued, treated, and sheltered both domestic and a variety of others. Several animals in the shelter have led difficult lives. Many are so fearful of people that humane traps need to be implemented in order to catch them. Our goal, ultimately, is to get them comfortable with people in a positive environment as well. This requires hard work, dedication, love and patience.

Monthly spaying and neutering programs are currently offered to the community. Additionally, provisions have been made at the facility for socializing rooms where volunteers may interact with the animals and prospective adopters. We solicit volunteers from a variety of audiences with the community. Participants enjoy learning and reap the benefits from interacting with the animals.

The Humane Society of the Dunes offers animal care programs to regional schools, youth groups and other educational institutions. Current plans also include animal visitation to nursing homes, hospices, etc. to allow therapeutic benefit afforded by animals. We also accept invitations to bring appropriately qualified animals to visit community functions.

To maintain our monthly budget and contiuned efforts, the use of proposed contributions will be spent on our monthly bills with emphasis on veterinary services and community outreach programs, both of which are integral parts of bettering the lives of our animal companions and their relationships with people.